Douglas Lilburn

Conditions of Award

  1. The fellowship is open to persons resident in New Zealand or overseas.
  2. The fellowship, administered by the Alexander Turnbull Library, will be awarded every two years. It is tenable for twelve months and the recipient will be expected to be based primarily at the National Library in Wellington for the term of the tenure. Office space and facilities will be provided.
  3. The fellow is selected by the Lilburn Trust Music Advisory Committee, consisting of three appointed members, plus the Chief Librarian, Alexander Turnbull Library.
  4. The fellowship has a value of up to NZ $70,000. The funds will be allocated throughout the year on a schedule to be agreed between the Chief Librarian, the Lilburn Trust and the recipient.
  5. The fellow is responsible for meeting any income tax obligations arising from receiving the fellowship.
  6. If the fellow is GST registered for work related to their application, the value of the fellowship would be deemed to include GST.
  7. Applicants need not possess a university degree or diploma, but must demonstrate the ability to carry out research leading to publication in scholarly or popular form.
  8. The Committee will consider a wide range of applicants, but will give high priority to those applicants whose research will make the best use of the Library's collections, and publicise the variety of material held.
  9. Applicants should provide the selection committee with three paper copies plus an email of their written proposal outlining their area of research, how they intend presenting the research, to whom they will submit the research for publication, and previous examples of their work (see application guidelines for details).
  10. Any supporting material supplied with applications becomes the property of Alexander Turnbull Library and will not be returned.
  11. The Committee may consult externally on the merits of the research proposals submitted by applicants.
  12. No fellowship shall be awarded upon any occasion if the Music Advisory Committee and Chief Librarian shall be of the opinion that there is no candidate of sufficient merit offering.
  13. The Committee's decision of the appropriate appointment is final and no discussion will be entered into.
  14. It is expected that the research undertaken will lead to publication in some form, either print and/or electronic. The candidate is therefore expected to devote most of their time to working towards the preparation of their manuscript for publication.
  15. The responsibility for locating a publisher and the costs associated with publishing the results of research will remain with the holder of the fellowship.
  16. It is also anticipated that research would be shared in the form of articles or presentations, both in-house and externally.
  17. The Alexander Turnbull Library and Lilburn Trust are to be acknowledged in any works produced as a result of the research pursued during the holding of the fellowship.
  18. Fellows should make reports on the progress of their programme at designated time periods to be worked out with the Curator, Music.
  19. The fellow is expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct of the Department of Internal Affairs during their appointment.
  20. Unless arrangements have already been made with another institution, the Lilburn Research Fellow is encouraged to deposit documentation related to the fellowship with the Alexander Turnbull Library on completion of the project.
  21. The Music Advisory Committee and Chief Librarian may, at any time, suspend or terminate the fellowship, if it is shown that the fellow is not diligently pursuing their programme of research or original work, and has failed to comply with any terms of reference or conditions on which the fellowship was awarded.
  22. These conditions may be modified at any time.

(Updated August 2016)