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Alexander Eichelbaum

Alex Geary

Alexander Eichelbaum is a clarinetist and conductor who began studying towards his Bachelor of Music in Performance Clarinet at the University of Auckland in 2013.

He was previously co-principal clarinet in the New Zealand Secondary Schools' Symphony Orchestra, an Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra Young Achiever and conductor of the ACG Senior College Chamber orchestra.

He has given critically acclaimed performances with groups such as the Karlheinz company and supported local composers with performances in the University's Music of the Moment Concerts as well as the APO's Education and Outreach events.

Alexander was awarded a Lilburn Trust Performance Award in 2013 from the University of Auckland for his work in Josiah Carr's Lux Aeterna and Gyre's Galax by Joshua Nightingale.

(Updated November 2013)