Douglas Lilburn

Brad Jenkins

Brad Jenkins Brad is a Wellington-based composer and musician working towards a Master of Musical Arts (Instrumental and Vocal Composition) in 2013, under the supervision of Michael Norris at the New Zealand School of Music.

Alongside his studies, Brad has written and performed music for theatre, including The Bowler Hat (After Eden Theatre, 2007) and The Strange and Distant Land of Nonsense (Toi Whakaari, 2009) and has worked with Auckland's Vitamin S improvised music collective. As a guitarist and bassist he has composed for and performed in several bands, in styles ranging from folk to post-rock.

In 2011 and 2012 Brad studied film scoring with John Psathas and has scored three short films: Wood Elf (Nimhopper Productions, 2011), Copper (Eclipse Entertainment, 2012) and Training Wheels (SeaSlugs, 2012).

Brad was awarded a Lilburn Trust Composition Award (first place) in 2012 from the New Zealand School of Music for Nocturne No. 1, for woodwind and string ensemble.

(Updated December 2012)