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Bridget Johnson

Bridget Johnson Born and raised in rural Australia, Bridget moved to New Zealand in 2006 in search of new adventure and new sounds. After a year of snowboarding and exploration, Bridget discovered the Sonic Arts program at the New Zealand School of Music and began her studies.

After four years at New Zealand School of Music, Bridget's world of music continues to expand as she embraces interactive installation, live electronics, interface design, and acoustmatic music. Through her studies, she has found herself in fields she never thought possible, including computer and micro-chip programming and building electronic tools for musical expression.

In pursuing a Post-Graduate Diploma of Music, Bridget began a unique collaboration with Jason Erskine. One result of this partnership is the piece ‘yamoto-damashii/gendruwo’ for which she was awarded a Composer Award (2010). It was performed entirely on musical controllers - MagneticTapes and ESuling - designed, built and programmed by Bridget and Jason.

Bridget hopes to continue developing new interfaces and pushing the boundaries of musical expression in the years to come.

Bridget was awarded a Lilburn Trust Composition Award (joint-first place) and a Performance Award in 2010 from the New Zealand School of Music.

(Updated February 2011)