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Colin J. Woods

Colin J. Woods Colin J. Woods is a freelance Sonic Practitioner based in Auckland, Aotearoa New Zealand. His projects range from sonic art creations, live improvised electronic and acoustic works, through to compositions for conventional instruments and ensembles.

Colin was born in Belfast (Ireland) and came to Aotearoa/New Zealand in 2002. He was previously guitarist with Irish punk band Music For Deaf and participant in UK/Ireland based Allotropes experimental collective for whom he created the first ever computer music video in 1982.

His current interests include experimental music (both composed and improvised), video, song writing and performance, and composition for conventional solo instruments and ensembles. He is a regular participant in the Auckland improv colective Vitamin S, one half of the duo Toy Triptech (with Rohan Evans). Colin holds a Diploma in Contemporary Music from Unitec (Auckland) and has just completed a B Mus. majoring in Sonic Arts/Composition at the University of Auckland. Recent releases include the album Skyway to Carpark (2012) and EP Short Straw, both are available to download from bandcamp and as limited release physical CDs.

(Updated November 2015)