Douglas Lilburn


This is just a small selection of photographs of Douglas Lilburn that can be found at the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington, New Zealand. They are displayed here as a reference - you will need to gain permission from the Library before using them elsewhere. Click an image to enlarge.

Douglas Lilburn and Vincent Aspey on the set of "Backblock Medical Service" (1947)
Douglas Lilburn, photographed by Spencer Digby (ca. 1964)
Douglas Lilburn, photographed by M.D. King in the Electronic Music Studio, Victoria University, Wellington (ca. 1975)
The composers class at the 1947 Cambridge Summer School of Music, photographed by Frank Hoffmann
Douglas Lilburn, photographed by Pearl Freeman while in London (c. 1937)
Douglas Lilburn as a young boy (c. 1917)
Douglas Lilburn, photographed by Chris Black (date unknown)
Douglas Lilburn (196-?)
Douglas Lilburn (195-?)
Douglas Lilburn at his piano (195-?)
Maria Dronke and Douglas Lilburn, publicity photograph for "Cornet Rilke" (c. 1950)