Douglas Lilburn

Imogen Morris

Imogen Morris Imogen Morris is currently completing a Bachelor of Music (Honours) in recorder performance under the tutelage of Jessica Shaw at the University of Auckland. She is a current recipient of a Special Expenses Award from Kate Edger Educational Charitable Trust.

Imogen is a regular performer both as a soloist and in early music ensembles; in 2012 she was a member of the first early music trio to reach the finals of the Auckland Chamber Music Society Competition, and in 2011 she was awarded ‘Most Promising Recorder Player’ at the New Zealand Woodwind Competition.

Imogen has a keen interest in elevating the recorder’s status as a modern instrument and often performs works from its growing repertoire of contemporary music. Sebastian Bennett’s The Breath of Sakhmet was written specially for Imogen to perform. Imogen was awarded a Lilburn Trust Performance Award in 2013 from the University of Auckland for her performance of The Breath of Sakhmet by Sebastian Bennett.

(Updated November 2013)