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Jeremy Mayall

Jeremy Mayall Jeremy Mayall is a Composer/Producer/Performer/Multi-instrumentalist born and raised in Hamilton, New Zealand.He is passionate about all kinds of music and has produced work in a wide range of genres (as well as between them). He is interested in writing for odd combinations of instruments and sounds.

Jeremy is in the final stages of studying towards a PhD in Music Composition at the University of Waikato Conservatorium of Music. At the age of 20 he wrote his first symphony – Symphony No.1 for orchestra and turntables, the first orchestral symphony to feature turntablism as a part of its composition. As a performer/DJ/musician, Jeremy has toured throughout NZ, USA, and several Pacific Islands. He also performs regularly with various New Zealand Chamber Musicians, including violist Adam Maha, soprano Julia Booth and world expert on Taonga Puoro Richard Nunns.

Outside of the musical realm, Jeremy is an amateur beardsmith and co-founder of the New Zealand Beard and Moustache Appreciation Association (NZBMAA). He also currently holds 13 World Records for competitive food eating, and is an independent marriage celebrant. Jeremy was recently awarded the 2014 Mozart Fellowship at the University of Otago.

Jeremy was awarded a Lilburn Trust Composition Award in 2013 (1st place, electroacoustic) for Flow and Push for Miles for cello and backing track.

(Updated December 2013)