Douglas Lilburn

Kaitlyn Tinworth

Kaitlyn Tinworth Kaitlyn has currently completed her second year at Canterbury University in a Bachelor of Music. She hopes to double major in both composition and performance voice.

Kaitlyn’s musical interest began at the age of four when she started learning the piano and from there went on to singing at the age of 13. Whilst at Christchurch Girls’ High School, Kaitlyn discovered her interest in composition.

At Canterbury University, Kaitlyn has had help from lectures Chris Cree Brown, Goa Ping and Alex van den Broek as she learns and discovers her style of composition. She attended the Nelson Composers Workshop for the first time this year and had her woodwind trio “Stroll through the forest” played with great success. In voice she is studying under Lois Johnston with interest in both Musical theatre and Opera.

Kaitlyn was awarded a Lilburn Trust Composition Award (third place) in 2010 from Canterbury University.

(Updated February 2011)