Douglas Lilburn

Tristan Fisher

Tristan Fisher I am originally completing a bachelor in classical singing at the University of Waikato, however I am very much interested in the making of music, more specifically in cinematic, or mainstream classical composition used for film and/or media.

This award is my first real encouragement that I am on the right track. I hope to gain commissions from short film writers to work my way up.

This piece was originally a small tune I thought up whilst on a 10-hour shift at work, I had no way to record it so I was stuck humming that tune for 10 hours. I spent almost 4 months on this piece and it resulted in music very similar to styles of Hans Zimmer or Thomas Bergersen. Because of its slight Pirates of the Caribbean theme I decided to name it Privateering.

I'd very much like to acknowledge the Lilburn Trust for the amazing opportunity, it has allowed me to publicly present my work and has given me insight to where I may stand in my future goals

(Updated December 2015)