Douglas Lilburn

Application Guidelines

Applications must include the following details, using the headings provided:

  1. Application Information:
    • Name
    • Academic qualifications
    • Current position
    • Contact details (postal, email, phone)
  2. Project Title
  3. Project Summary (up to 1000 words)
  4. Relationship of the Project to the resources of the Alexander Turnbull Library and the National Library of New Zealand
  5. Project Budget
  6. Name and contact details for 3 Referees
  7. Attachments:
    • Curriculum vitae
    • Writing sample (preferably published material) — Please note that all material submitted will become property of the Alexander Turnbull Library

The Lilburn Research Fellowship was established in 2012 with funding provided by the Lilburn Trust, and in association with the Alexander Turnbull Library. The fellowship encourages scholarly research leading to publication on some aspect of New Zealand and music, using the resources of the Archive of New Zealand Music, the wider published and unpublished collections of the Alexander Turnbull Library, and collections and resources of the National Library of New Zealand.

Applications are now closed.