Douglas Lilburn

How to Apply

To apply for a grant from the Lilburn Trust you need to submit a written proposal with the following information (there is no application form):

  • Full details of the project
  • Detailed estimates of production and promotion costs
  • Details of any other assistance that has been requested or gained
  • Estimate of shortfall, and the subsidy thought reasonable to meet it
  • Any other relevant information

Applications can be posted or emailed to, marked "Attention Lilburn Trust".

Closing dates for each round are 31 May and 31 October of every year. Please note that the application process may take up to three months. Applications considered in November may be delayed further with grants being allocated from funds that do not become available until April the following year.


  • Projects should be not-for-profit rather than commercial.
  • Requests should be made by publishers, recording companies or supporting organisations rather than from individual composers/authors/performers.
  • The Lilburn Trust does not pay "royalties" to publishers, rather it gives subventions toward the costs of publication.
  • The Lilburn Trust will not fund the complete cost of a project; some funding from other sources is required.
  • Originals of scores/parts recopied for preservation are to be deposited in the Alexander Turnbull Library.
  • A report is required from all recipients of Lilburn Trust grants on the completion of the project or – where a project has been delayed – on the date originally given for its completion.

Please note that the Lilburn Trust does not fund the following:

  • Commissions of new compositions.
  • The production of a score and parts for a new work (these should be funded by the commissioner).
  • Learning time for performers.
  • Performer travel/accommodation expenses.