Douglas Lilburn

Recipients of a Student Award

Here is a list of Lilburn Trust Student Award recipients. If you have received an Award but have been inadvertently omitted from this page please submit your details.

1997 - Victoria University of Wellington

Name Work Award
Miriama Young Like Two Balls of Liquid Silver Pedalling the Sky for baritone, saxophone and tape Composition 1st place
Phil Brownlee Shoreline, stonescape with cello for solo cello Composition 2nd equal
Blair Johnstone Ascetic Dementia Composition 2nd equal
Peter Benfell Teardrop-Shadow-Rainbow for string quaret Composition 3rd equal
Kerry Jago Byfleeting East for three trombones Composition 3rd equal
Fritha Jameson Reflections on Going South for soprano and piano Composition 3rd equal

1996 - University of Auckland

Name Work Award
Penny Axtens Static Composition 1st place
Cheryl Swasbrook Gnomic Gnocchi Composition 2nd equal
Reuben Mitchell Theme and Variations Composition 2nd equal
Yvette Audain Three Movements for Wind Quintet Composition 3rd place
Cheryl Swasbrook 'aganst that time if ever that time comes' Electronic 1st place
Katharine Neil Untitled Electronic 2nd place
Tim Bowman The Energies of Allowed States Electronic 3rd place
Jo Harrop (violin) Performance
Cindy Liu (horn) Performance
Jessica Hindin (violin) Performance
Jessica Hindin (violin) and Penny Axtens (piano) Group
Rachael Brand (violin), Esther Smaill (clarinet), Geoffrey Heath (cello) Group

1996 - University of Otago

Name Work Award
Michael Schraa Stage 1 Composition
Claire Morey Composition above Stage 1

1994 - University of Auckland

Name Work Award
Lisa Finlay Fusion Composition 1st place
Stephen Brandon cellcution (electronic) Composition 1st place
Kathryn Lauder H2O Composition 2nd place
Gordon Baird Omnivox I (electronic) Composition 2nd place
Jeremy Sickling Incandescent Blue Composition 3rd place
Mark Storey Looking Cage Composition 4th place
Penny Axtens Opuscule 1.5 Composition 5th place